Tile Shower Ideas for Various Styles of Bathrooms

Tile shower ideas can be suited with the style of bathroom that you are up to. If you have classic traditional bathroom which is subtle and quaint, you can try travertine tiled walls which are so warm and inviting, especially when you choose cocoa brown color which adds the warmth for the shower. It is simple and you can try the subway patterns which are so suitable for classic and traditional bathrooms.
The textural surfaces will also add the accents and enrich the travertine tiled walls which installed to your shower.

Tile Shower
Tile Shower Ideas for Modern Bathrooms
Modern bathrooms will need the tiled walls for shower which are also modern and stylish. Try metal backsplash which is also so aesthetic and also futuristic. Metal is the material which adds the sparkles and shimmering look, moreover it will represent the real modern look which is designed with backsplash style. For addition, backsplash style is also suitable for combining metal material to the desired design which you can apply. Other benefit is that you can easily clean the metal tiled walls, with the less scratched risks so you may consider this as a ‘countertop’ for your shower walls. This is a perfect tiled wall for your shower for sure with the modern futuristic bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas with Random Style
Random style gives creative and divine look which you can apply for the shower tiled walls. Random patterned tiles from ceramic with striking shades like tan, turquoise, soft yellow, brick red and lime green which you can try. Choose the colors which are catchier and arrange the colorful tiles on random style which enrich the look, you can make several spots in shower bathroom with the tiled walls which are colorful with some hues. Then, for other wall spots you can try to apply softer shades which can balance the atmospheres.

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