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Modern Living Room Sets Inspiration - Modern living room sets inspiration has a purpose to help people find an idea to decorate their modern living room.

Modern living room sets inspiration is the way to get a decorative modern living room. Decorative living room is needed to make people’s house to be a decorated and personalized. It happens because living room is a house’s face. Because of that reason let’s check how to decorate the living room and the ideas to sets the living room which has a modern style. Firstly please check some simple tips to decorate a modern living room. Decorating a modern living room actually is not as hard as decorating a classy living room. People only need to explore themselves with ideas.
How To Decorate Modern Living room sets
The tips to get a decorative a modern living room are; first think about the room size. Some modern living room has a large size but some of them have a medium size. If people have a medium size modern living room please chooses a smaller furniture. It will make the room larger. Second please choose a safe color. To present a modern look a black, white or grey is a good choice. That colors make the room have an elegant touch. Third do not place too many additional furniture like cabinet. Cabinet make the room smaller and change the decoration style.

After knowing some simple tips to create a true modern living room decoration, now let’s see an ideas inspiration. This ideas inspiration is called monochrome modern living room sets ideas. In this idea there are big white glassy window, white curtain, and white wall. A black sofa and black glassy table is the main statement in the living room. As a lighting choose a modern chandelier. Cover the sofa pillow with a pattern pillow cover. People may place a small bench with sponge pattern in front of the black glassy table. Cover the floor with white rugs and as a finishing place a vase of white tulip on the table.

Rustic Living Room Decoration Ideas

Rustic living room is a living room decoration which uses a wood as a decoration ideas to present a village situation
Rustic living room is a living room decoration which presents a village situation by using wood as the material. People who choose a rustic style as their living room decoration are people who want to present their village situation in their home. In this day, finding a village situation is not easy. Most of houses in the town apply a modern style as a home decoration. Whereas having a rustic decoration in people’s house give a benefit. People who have a rustic decoration can save their money more that people who have a modern living room. It happens because rustic is a long lasting decoration style so that people don’t need to change the decoration every 2 years.
Rustic Living Room Decoration Ideas with Fireplace
Here there is an idea of rustic living room decoration. This idea is called a warm rustic room. Warm rustic room has a brick wall in all wall side except the window. On the wall there is a small fireplace. The function of fireplace is to keep the room warm when it is cold. Fireplace in this idea is a statement that it is a rustic decoration. A wooden floor is covered with the rustic rugs. For the sofa people may use a wooden sofa which is completed with sponge. Cover the sponge with the burlap cover. Then for the table a wooden storage table can be a choice.

The second idea is called a sweet modern rustic decoration. As the name this idea combines a rustic and modern decoration. There is a wooden wall in three side wall, one side wall is a brick wall. Place the fireplace there. Cover the floor with wood. Then for the furniture please choose a modern furniture like a modern sofa and table. People may choose a white sofa and a colorful pillow cover. Two new ideas of a rustic decoration for living room are done.

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