The Risks of Mounting TV above Fireplace

The Risks of Mounting TV above Fireplace Mounting tv above fireplace seems to be a bad idea that you better never do. It is because it can make you have some risks which are harmful for the TV and even you.
Mounting tv above fireplace perhaps can be defined as one of great ideas that you can take, especially if you want to use the available space at home optimally. Unfortunately, it also seems to be a not really good idea which you better never do. It is because mounting the TV over the fireplace can bring some risks. So, what is the risk you can get from installing a TV above the fireplace? Well, you better keep reading below to figure it out.

The risks you can get from mounting tv above fireplace
Then, here are some risks that have been the reasons why installing a TV above a fireplace never become a good idea, such as: The heat that is produced by the fireplace is such a bad thing for the TV. It will definitely be able to increase the operating temperature of the TV so awfully. The increasing temperature will make your TV get damaged so much more easily. The worst part of it is that the manufacturer will commonly refuse to repair the TV if it gets damaged by the heat of the fireplace. Furthermore, the fireplace can also produce the dust which can make the TV will never be able to last for a long time. Besides, it can also make your TV have the dull and uninteresting look which will decrease the beauty of the interior design in your home.
Moreover, aside of the bad effects to the TV, you can also find the other bad effect of mounting tv above fireplace that can influence your health severely. It can hurt you neck especially if you place it on the wrong spot, which can be too high or too low. So, you have to make sure that you place the TV at the eye level from your most comfortable sitting position. Thus, you can avoid the pain in your neck.

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